Can a Brand New Laptop be Traced?

For many users of laptops, security and privacy are primary priorities. Is it possible to track a brand-new laptop? is one question that is commonly asked. It depends, is the response.

Tracing a Laptop’s IP Address

The IP address of a laptop can be used to track it, among other things. Every internet-connected device has a distinct IP address that may be used to locate and identify the device. An IP address is given to a new laptop when you connect it to a network. Even if the gadget has never been online before, it can be located using this address.

Preventing IP Address Tracing

You can utilize a virtual private network to stop IP address tracing (VPN). In order to make it more challenging for someone to track your device, a VPN encrypts your internet connection and gives you a new IP address. A firewall can also be used to restrict outgoing connections to trustworthy networks and reject incoming connections altogether.

Tracing a Laptop’s Hardware

The hardware of a laptop can also be used to track it. Each laptop has a distinct serial number that can be used to locate the particular machine. In addition, many laptops are equipped with GPS receivers that can be used to track the location of the device.

Preventing Hardware Tracing

You can physically take the laptop’s battery or GPS receiver out to prevent hardware tracing. Additionally, you can uninstall the GPS driver or alter the serial number of the laptop using the software. However, in other nations or areas, these activities could be prohibited.


There are actions that may be taken to prevent this from happening, even if it is possible for a brand-new laptop to be traced through its IP address or hardware. Your device can be kept private and secure by utilizing a VPN and firewall, physically deleting the GPS receiver, or changing the serial number of the laptop. Be warned, though, that in some nations or areas, some of these activities may be prohibited.

It’s crucial to remember that, in the end, being cautious about the networks you connect to, the software you install, and making sure you have a strong password in place to secure your device from unauthorised access are the best ways to keep the privacy of your new laptop.

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