Do Motherboards Come with Thermal Paste?

A motherboard connects all the other parts of the system and makes communication between them possible, making it an essential aspect of a computer. However, with the rise in performance requirements, component heating has become a significant issue. A compound called thermal paste aids in the transfer of heat from the CPU to the heatsink and ultimately to the air. Knowing whether thermal paste is pre-applied on motherboards or whether it must be purchased separately is crucial for maintaining the stability and cooling of the computer.

What is Thermal Paste?

It is possible to increase heat transfer from the CPU to the heatsink by applying thermal paste, a heat-conductive material, to the surface of the CPU. It is essential to assuring a computer’s stability and its capacity to operate at a high level for extended periods of time. Thermal paste is sometimes referred to as heat sink compound, thermal compound, thermal grease, and thermal interface material (TIM).

In order to fill in any gaps or uneven surfaces that can hinder heat transfer, thermal paste is often created from a combination of metal oxides, silicon, and other components. It is put as a thin coating between the CPU and the heatsink.

Why Do You Need Thermal Paste?

One of the hottest parts of a computer is the CPU, so it’s crucial to disperse the heat it produces to keep it from overheating and breaking down. The CPU and the heatsink’s surfaces aren’t always exactly flat, and air gaps can occur between them, which lowers the heat transfer efficiency. The heatsink is intended to transport heat away from the CPU. The computer can run cooler and more effectively with the help of thermal paste, which fills in these gaps and enhances heat transfer.

Do Motherboards Come with Thermal Paste?

Depending on the particular motherboard you are considering, the answer to this question varies. On certain motherboards, the surface of the CPU has thermal paste already placed; on other motherboards, this is not the case. Check the product specifications or manufacturer’s website before buying a new motherboard to find out whether thermal paste is included or if you need to buy it separately.

In some circumstances, the pre-applied thermal paste on the CPU’s surface might not be of the highest caliber, and you could wish to swap it out with a better thermal paste to increase performance. Moreover, to ensure the optimum performance and stability of your computer, it is advised to use high-quality thermal paste if the motherboard you are buying does not come with any.

How to Apply Thermal Paste to a Motherboard?

The procedure is easy and clear if you need to apply thermal paste to your motherboard. The steps you should take are as follows:

  • Use isopropyl alcohol to scrub the CPU and heatsink’s surface thoroughly.
  • To the CPU’s center, apply a thin layer of thermal paste.
  • Put the heatsink over the CPU and fasten it there.
  • The thermal paste needs time to spread properly and set in place, so turn on the computer and let it run for a while.

It’s crucial to use a tiny amount of thermal paste because if you use too much, it can affect the CPU’s performance. Prior to using the computer, it is also crucial to give the paste some time to settle. Doing so will help to ensure that it is distributed uniformly and that the best heat transfer is accomplished.


A computer’s motherboard, a key component, requires thermal paste to transmit heat from the CPU to the heatsink and keep the system stable and cool. The individual motherboard will determine whether or not thermal paste is included. Some already have it on while others don’t. To find out if thermal paste is included, it’s crucial to examine the product specifications or the manufacturer’s website. If not, using a high-quality thermal paste is advised for the computer’s optimal stability and performance. Cleaning the CPU and heatsink, applying a little amount of thermal paste to the CPU’s center, setting the heatsink on top, and waiting a few minutes for it to set before using the computer are the only steps required to apply thermal paste.

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