How to Cast to Vizio TV from Laptop

Vizio TVs are renowned for their excellent visuals and easy streaming service integration. You may also transmit content from your laptop to your Vizio TV, but, did you know that? If you want to view your preferred movies, TV series, or other entertainment on a bigger screen, this option can be immensely helpful. In this article, we’ll walk you through the simple process of how to cast from a laptop to a Vizio TV.

Step 1: Check Your Network Connection

Make sure your laptop and TV are both plugged into the same Wi-Fi network before casting to your Vizio TV. For a consistent and uninterrupted casting experience, this is crucial. You won’t be able to cast content to your TV if your laptop and TV are not linked to the same network.

Step 2: Enable Screen Mirroring on Your Vizio TV

You must enter the settings menu on your Vizio TV in order to enable screen mirroring. By clicking the menu button on your remote and choosing “System” > “Network” > “Screen Mirroring,” you may accomplish this. Make sure the “Screen Mirroring” option is selected when you get to this menu. Toggle the switch to turn it on if it isn’t.

Step 3: Connect Your Laptop to Your Vizio TV

The time has come to connect your laptop to your TV after turning on screen mirroring on your Vizio TV. You’ll need to employ casting hardware or software to accomplish this. There are numerous choices available, including:

Google Chromecast:

By simply choosing the Chromecast icon in your browser or app and choosing your TV as the casting device, you can cast material to your Vizio TV if you have a Chromecast device.


You can use this wireless display standard to mirror the screen of your laptop on your Vizio TV. You need a device or adapter that supports Miracast in order to use it.

Windows 10:

You can transmit content to your Vizio TV from a laptop running Windows 10 by using the built-in “Connect” app. Simply launch the app and choose your TV as the casting device to get started.

Vizio SmartCast:

You may stream content directly from your laptop to your Vizio TV thanks to this built-in capability. Open the SmartCast app on your TV and make sure your TV and laptop are both linked to the same Wi-Fi network before using SmartCast. Next, choose “Cast” from the menu, and then pick your laptop as the casting device.

Step 4: Start Casting

You can begin casting content after your laptop is connected to your Vizio TV. To achieve this, just choose your TV as the casting device by clicking the casting icon in your browser or app. To begin casting if you’re using Miracast or SmartCast, you might need to follow a few more prompts.


You may enjoy your favourite entertainment on a bigger screen by cast from your laptop to your Vizio TV. You may quickly connect your laptop to your TV and begin casting by following the instructions in this article. With casting to your Vizio TV, you can improve your viewing experience and make it simpler to share material with others, whether you’re watching a movie, streaming a TV show, or presenting a presentation.

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