How to Put Airplane Mode on MacBook Air?

Are you planning to travel with your MacBook Air and need to turn on airplane mode? Follow these simple steps to enable this feature on your device.

Steps to Follow for turning on Airplane mode on any Macbook

Step 1: Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: In the System Preferences window, click on the “Network” icon.

Step 4: In the Network window, click on the “Airport” tab.

Step 5: Click on the drop-down menu next to “Turn Airport On” and select “Using Ethernet.”

Step 6: Click on the “Apply” button to save your changes.

Step 7: Close the System Preferences window.

Your MacBook Air is now in airplane mode and ready for travel. Remember to turn off this feature when you land to re-enable your wireless connections.

Tips for Using Airplane Mode on Your MacBook Air

  • Remember to turn off airplane mode when you land to reconnect to wireless networks.
  • If you need to use your MacBook Air while in flight, make sure to turn on airplane mode before takeoff to avoid interference with the plane’s communications systems.
  • If you are using your MacBook Air on a long flight, remember to charge your device before takeoff to ensure you have enough power for the duration of the flight.


Enabling airplane mode on your MacBook Air is a simple process that can help you stay connected while traveling. Follow these steps to turn on this feature and make the most of your device while on the go.

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