How to Restart a Dell Laptop when Frozen

Dell laptops are popular because of their efficiency and dependability, but just like any other computer, they occasionally freeze or stop working. We’ll go over some fundamental troubleshooting techniques in this article to assist you in restarting a frozen Dell laptop.

Step 1: Check the Keyboard

Make sure the keyboard is functioning properly before you begin troubleshooting. Check to determine if the keyboard is responding by trying to type something or by pressing the caps lock key. If your laptop’s keyboard isn’t working, try connecting an external keyboard to see if that fixes the problem.

Step 2: Force a Shutdown

You might need to force a shutdown if your laptop is still frozen but the keyboard is functional. Holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds will accomplish this. By doing this, you can restart the laptop after it has been forcibly shut down.

Step 3: Restart in Safe Mode

Try restarting your laptop in safe mode if a forced shutdown doesn’t work. As soon as the laptop turns on, press the F8 key repeatedly to do this. When the Advanced Boot Options menu appears, choose “Safe Mode” from there. You might try restarting your laptop normally after it has been restarted in safe mode.

Step 4: Run a System Diagnostic

You might need to do a system diagnostic if your laptop is still freezing after performing the aforementioned methods. As soon as the laptop turns on, repeatedly hit the F12 key to accomplish this. You can choose “Diagnostics” from the Boot Options menu that will appear after doing this. Through a series of tests, this will look for any hardware or software problems that might be the root of the freeze.

Step 5: Check for Updates

If none of the aforementioned solutions solves the problem, your laptop could require a software update. Updates for your operating system, drivers, and software should be checked for and installed as necessary.

Step 6: Run a Virus Scan

Even after doing all of the aforementioned measures, if your laptop is still freezing, it may be infected with malware or a virus. To check for any harmful software that might be causing the freezing, run a complete virus scan on your laptop.


In conclusion, a frozen Dell laptop can be a frustrating problem to handle, but by using the troubleshooting techniques listed above, you ought to be able to restart it and resume working. To avoid more freezing issues, keep in mind to frequently update your software, run a system diagnostic, and run a virus scan.

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