How to turn off Samsung Galaxy s21

Do you want to Know How to turn off Samsung S21 Ultra?

It’s very simple, I am here to teach you this. Just follow the simple steps and switch off your phone or restart it.

I am a blogger and digital influencer with a lot of experience. It’s more than 5 to 7 years I am doing research and providing content to people through multiple channels. I saw people searching for queries about this I thought to make a simple post that covers all the basic topics related to this.

How to turn off Samsung S21

Here are some methods to switch off your Samsung Galaxy S21 or S21 ultra. You can use any of the step that you want to use and that you feel is easy to use.

How to turn off s21 through Quick Settings

You can power off your Galaxy s21 through Quick functions its very easy to access quick functions just follow these steps:

  1. First of all, swipe down with your from the top of the screen to downwards.
  2. Now another screen for functions has appeared. As you can see the power icon in the following pic. Click the Power Key.
  3. Now three things appeared on your smartphone’s screen; Power Off, Restart, and Emergency Mode.
  4. You just simply click on the Powe Off icon. Hence, Your device is powered off.
  5. If you want to restart your phone just simply click on the restart icon.
How to turn off Samsung S21
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How to turn off the Samsung s21 through Power Button

Moreover, If your smartphone is unlocked you can use this method it depends upon the privacy setting of your smartphone.

  • The process is very easy just like the pieceof cake.
  • Just hold the power button of your smartphone for a few seconds. Suddenly, a similar window will appear again with three icons; Power Off and Restart
  • Similarly, Click on the Power Off Button and your phone is off.

How to turn off the Samsung s21 with volume and Power Button

If the above method does not work out this is another method that is almost similar to the above one.

  • Simply hold the power and volume buttons for a few seconds.
  • The Power off and Restart Screen will appear. Click on the power off.
  • Your S21 is powered off.

How to switch off your Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra by using Bixby

Furthermore, you can use Bixby voice assistant to power off your phone it’s very simple just follow the steps.

  • Just, press the Bixby button for a while and log in to your Samsung Galaxy Account. A
  • After login gives her the required permission by tapping agree.
  • Now your device is on for the Bixby automatic voice power off.
  • On the last Simply press the Bixby button and say in your sweet voice “Hello! Bixby, Switch off my smartphone.

How to turn off Frozen Smartphones

It’s very simple to switch off your frozen smartphone, just hold the power button and volume button until the screen goes blank. and your smartphone is turned off.


All the steps are 100% authentic and correct. If your smartphone is in some sort of error and one method is not working try another one.

We tried our best to provide you with 100% real and authentic techniques.

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