How to Turn on an HP Laptop without a Power Button

Don’t panic if your HP laptop won’t switch on because the power button isn’t functioning. Your laptop can be started in a number of other ways except by pressing the power button. We’ll go over some of the more efficient techniques in this article.

Use the Keyboard

There are keyboard shortcuts available on many HP laptops that let you turn your computer on without pressing the power button. Press “Esc” on your keyboard, followed by “F1” to accomplish this. By doing so, your laptop will start up and lead you to the BIOS settings.

Use the Battery

If the battery in your HP laptop can be removed, you might try taking it out and putting it back in. This can assist turn on and reset the laptop. Make sure the laptop is shut off before attempting to remove the battery. The battery can then be found by turning the laptop over. You should be able to remove the battery using a latch or release button. Place the battery back into the laptop after waiting a few minutes.

Use an AC Adapter

Using an AC adapter is another option for starting your HP laptop without the power button. Make sure the laptop is off before you begin. After that, connect the laptop’s AC adapter to a power outlet. The laptop ought to start up on its own.

Use the Windows Settings

By tweaking the power settings on a Windows 10 computer, you can start your HP laptop without pressing the power button. Go to “Settings” > “System” > “Power & Sleep” to accomplish this. Select “Additional power settings” from the list of “Related Settings.” Select “Turn on” from the drop-down option under “When I press the power button” in the Power Options box by clicking on “Choose what the power button does.” To make the changes effective, click “Save changes.”

Use a USB Keyboard

You can use a USB keyboard to start your laptop if it has a USB port. To turn on your laptop, simply press any key after plugging in the keyboard.


In conclusion, it is feasible to turn on an HP laptop without using the power button. Try out the strategies we’ve listed above, then decide which one works best for you. You might need to get in touch with HP support or bring your laptop to a repair shop if none of these solutions work.

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