How to Use an External Monitor with a MacBook

Are you looking to expand your MacBook’s screen real estate? Connecting an external monitor is a great way to do so, and it’s easy to set up.

Here is How to connect an External Monitor to Macbook

Gather the necessary cables and adapters

Depending on the ports available on your MacBook and the connector on your external monitor, you may need a cable or adapter to connect the two devices. Some common cable types for connecting a MacBook to a monitor include HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort. If your MacBook or monitor doesn’t have one of these ports, you’ll need an adapter to convert the signal.

Connect the cable or adapter to your MacBook and external monitor

Once you have the necessary cables or adapters, connect one end to your MacBook and the other end to your external monitor. If you’re using an adapter, be sure to connect it to the appropriate port on your MacBook or monitor.

Configure your display settings

With the devices physically connected, you’ll need to configure your display settings in order to use the external monitor. To do this, go to the Apple menu and select “System Preferences.” From there, click on the “Displays” preference pane and select the external monitor from the list of available displays. You can then use the various options in the preference pane to adjust the display settings, such as the resolution and refresh rate.

Choose your display arrangement

You can use the external monitor as a second display, or you can set it up as a mirrored display to show the same content as your MacBook’s built-in display. To choose your display arrangement, click on the “Arrangement” tab in the “Displays” preference pane. Here, you can drag the white menu bar to the display that you want to be primary, and you can also drag the displays to rearrange their relative positions.


Using an external monitor with your MacBook is a simple and effective way to expand your screen real estate and increase your productivity. With just a few steps, you can easily connect and configure an external monitor to use with your MacBook.

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