How to use MacBook Air Airdrop | Quick Guide

Airdrop is a feature on MacBook Air that allows you to quickly and easily share files with other Apple devices nearby. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Open the Airdrop window, To access Airdrop. Click on the Finder icon in your dock and then select “Airdrop” from the left sidebar.
  2. Choose who you want to share with. In the Airdrop window, you can choose to share with “Everyone” or “Contacts Only”. If you choose “Contacts Only”, only people in your contacts list will be able to see your files.
  3. Drag and drop files: To share a file with Airdrop, simply drag and drop it into the Airdrop window. You can share multiple files at once by holding down the “command” key while selecting them.
  4. Wait for the other device to accept: The other device will receive a notification asking if they want to accept the file. Once they accept, the file will start transferring.
  5. Check the progress: You can see the progress of the file transfer in the Airdrop window. When it’s finished, the file will be saved to the other device’s Downloads folder.

A few things to keep in mind: Airdrop only works with Apple devices that are within 30 feet of each other. It also requires both devices to be connected to the same WiFi network.

Overall, Airdrop is a convenient and efficient way to share files between Apple devices. Whether you’re transferring a document for work or sending a photo to a friend is not a problem. Airdrop makes it easy to get the job done super fastly.

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