Elon Musk: Twitter to Launch Multicolors Verification Badge

As you guys all know recently Elon Musk bought Twitter. This matter is in the highlights since that time. Daily new updates come from Elon Musk. He did too many changes to Twitter’s administration and company policies.

Firstly, he fired the CEO of Twitter and then he Reduces the staff of Twitter. Secondly, he updated the Twitter Verification Policy. Before Elon bought Twitter verification process was different they gave the blue badge to the official accounts of celebrities and organizations. After thorough research, they were given the Blue Tick to avoid spam.

Now, the Elon Administration changed this policy now the people who want to take verification on their profile just give $8 per month and make it yours. But in the initial days of this launch, a lot of spam and impersonation occurred on the platform. Because of this, the trust ratio was decreased for the platform.

In order to fix this problem Twitter decided to launch Multicolors Verification Badge. For now, Elon said the verification process is stopped for a moment of time. This multicolor verification badge system I think will solve this problem.

MultiColors Verification Badge

Multicolors Verifications badge system is a title different from the previous blue one. In this system, the 3 main three colors are introduced. Firstly, the Gold color, this color will be awarded to corporate or companies. Secondly, the Gray color badge will be awarded to government officials. Thirdly, the Blue checkmark, this checkmark will be awarded to the individuals if they celebrate or not that does not matter. So, now you can enjoy the celebrate swag for just $8 per month.

Honestly speaking in the initial this thing was very risky on such a huge platform but with this update, I think no risk was left behind.

Musk furthermore added in his tweet that all authentication for verification will be taken place manually. But on the other hand, the Twitter staff has already been reduced. So, how this manual authentication will take place? Maybe Musk has another plan to solve this. He always likes to take risky steps.

In this Multicolors verification badge system, there is another update that the individuals who are working in an organization will also get the tiny badge if that organization will allow them.

When and How the Multicolors Verification Badge system Implemented

A few days back when Musk announced the updated blue subscription system and he said this thing will be imposed on 29th November. But now that thing is still on hold further and he will come up with the Multicolors Verifications badge system. Musk said this system will be public in a week.

Furthermore, the accounts that are new have to stop for 90 days to get this checkmark. This thing is introduced to avoid spam.

When Twitter will officially announce this system the accounts that are already verified under the old blue tick system will get no more blue checkmarks until they will subscribe to the $8 monthly subscription. But the accounts that got a blue tick under the latest $8 monthly subscription system. Will continue new their journey without renewing.

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