Twitter New All-Time High in New Users and Active Minutes

These days Twitter is going unusual; ups and downs are coming for it. After Elon Musk got Twitter daily new updates have made for it. Now from previous days, Twitter become a controversial and trending topic. With new updates by Musk Twitter not only Faced negativity but also impacted positively on Twitter. These days the organization Discovered New Milestones.

Recently, Elon Musk post a Tweet regarding the changing of Twitter After he has taken over Twitter. In that tweet, he mentioned the future plan and current stats of Twitter.

He said what are my conversation with my employees:

Firstly, the number of new users Sign Up’s reached an all-time high; as Twitter becomes an interesting topic so a lot of people moved to Twitter. He further added that the users active time on Twitter also reached all time high. Moreover, Twitter is a recurring new staff right now.

Recently, when Elon Musk bought Twitter he dismiss a lot of Twitter Staff. Moreover, Recently he said, Twitter will start doing manual verification for authorizing the badges to the individuals and corporates. As already he dismissed more than half of Twitter’s staff and now increased the workload. So, Twitter needs a workforce to run the business normally on routine. That’s why the organization is hiring new staff to tackle the workload.

He further added in this Tweet that the mDau passes the Quater Billion mark. In addition to this, the hate impressions speech first went up and then back down. The impersonation also first spiked and then fell.

As recently Musk announced the $8 per month subscription plan for the verifications. And due to this the spam and impersonation went to their peak. But then Musk stopped the verifications process for a moment of time. After that now a new update came from Musk that the company will announce the Multicolor verification system and all the verification badges will be authorized after manual verification.

In a multicolor verification system, there is a gold badge for companies, gray for government officials, and blue for celebrities and individuals.

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